High Sierra Legal no longer provides bankruptcy assistance.

However, the information below is very helpful in helping you do it on your own. 

Bankruptcy may be the solution to many individuals when they find themselves unable to cope with rising bills. It is often difficult to come to grips with financial distress, but each day that you do not address your financial problems is another 24 hours of worry and possible accruing debt.
You already are struggling financially, how would you have thousands of dollars to then pay to an attorney?


Debtor must have:

1. Attended an approved credit counseling course within the PRIOR 180 days of the initial filing AND

2. Completed a course of financial management PRIOR to the discharge  


Please review the approved agencies Here

We do not endorse any credit agency, but our clients have used CC Credit Advising and were happy with their services for the FIRST, Pre-Filing Course.   











For the SECOND, Pre-Discharge Course we like: Bankruptcy Debtor



Both courses are available in Spanish and cost approximately $7.98-$10.00 each.





Documents that will need to be provided to the Trustee at least 10 days prior to your first Meeting of Creditors:

* Please review the requirements thoroughly- this list is informative and not legal advice. 


Generally will need to provide:

Last 4 months of bank statements

Tax returns for prior 2 years

Source of income, such as pay stubs

Divorce decree (if divorced)

Rental lease agreement

Other documents may be required by the Trustee


Here are some helpful links to review from the Federal Bankruptcy Website and other sources:






Click for Trustee
form here

Helpful Videos from the Bankruptcy Court

Part 1: Introduction to Bankruptcy

Part 2: Types of Bankruptcy

Part 3: Limits of Bankruptcy

Part 4: Types of Bankruptcy

Part 5: Meeting of Creditors (341 Meeting)

Part 6: Bankruptcy Crime/Honest Reporting

Part 7: Court Hearings (if applicable)

Part 8: The Discharge

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