A Motion to Establish Custody, Visitation, and Support is important to set forth the rules and conditions between you and the other parent as to the physical and legal custody of the child.

This packet is used when paternity has been previously established, such as being listed on the birth certificate and both parents agree on custody, visitation, and support.

This Petition will establish support amounts (set by the Nevada Revised Statutes), medical insurance, taxes, etc., as well as setting forth a visitation schedule, including holiday, school breaks and vacation time.


*The child(ren) must be a resident and physically present in the State of Nevada for the past 6 months out of the last 12 months.

* If you need other documents such as response documents to a Petition filed against you, or you would like to file a Petition on your own please contact us.


Packet Includes: ($550)

Family Court Information Form

Child(ren) Information Form (Declaration)

Joint Petition to Establish Custody, Visitation, and Support

Request for Submission

Proposed Order

*All prices do not include the Court's filing fees, which are typically around $260-$290.



Complete the online Custody questionnaire 


Review and print all completed forms



File completed and signed forms with the Court 



joint petition to establish custody, visitation and support

(Paternity has been established)

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