Attorney Services

High Sierra Legal can assist in making your practice run smoothly and efficiently. From help with trial prep, discovery, efficiency audits, organization of office and files to civil, criminal and post-conviction litigation.

High Sierra Legal will be there for you so you can focus on the things that matter.

Feeling stuck? Disorganized?


Is your office running as efficiently as it should? Are you spending more time looking for documents than actually litigating your cases? High Sierra Legal will conduct an efficiency audit of your legal firm and give you time and money saving suggestions to make your office run smoothly and efficiently. An organized office is an efficient office. Spend more time on your clients and cases rather than spinning your wheels looking for key documents or wasting valuable time and resources on matters that are closed or are not bringing in revenue.

Efficiency Audit $200

An efficiency audit will tell you where you can improve your firm's efficiency and organization.


Efficiency Plan $500 to $1000

High Sierra will then implement the suggestions made in the efficiency audit to improve your firm's productivity and organization.

Case Organization

High Sierra Legal will take your case file and organize it so that you can spend more time on developing legal strategies and actually litigating your case.        All documents are easily accessible and organized into a comprehensive index.

Indexes include: Pleadings, Discovery, Case Information and Case Summary.  Each index is organized typically by date, file date, document, description and tab number.

Discovery index is typically organized by date, document type, description and party, with a cross referencing index by party.

*All indexes can be tailored to your specifications and case needs.

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Civil and Criminal Case Organization

Case organization: discovery index with cross-party reference, pleading indexand any other indexes as requested or needed.

​Simple (less than 500 pages) $350

Complex (500-1000 pages)   $500

Superior (more than 1000 pages) $800 to $1000

Post Conviction Case Organization

Case organization: case summary, discovery index, pleading index, witness list, potential investigation list, cross-party reference if requested.


Simple (less than 500 pages) $500

Complex (over 500 pages)     $800 to $1200

Supplement to Petition       $500 to $1500


Legal research and writing $60/hr