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Black Friday Estate Planning -
a $500 Discount!


Get Your Estate Plan Today

Set up the right infrastructure for Your Estate Plan
and enjoy all of the peace of mind that comes with getting your affairs set up the right way.

Ready to Get Started?!

Originally $1,495
Now $995

DIY estate planning preview

Here’s what you get when you become a member of YEP today:


  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Certificate of Trust

  • Pour-Over Will

  • Assignment of Personal Property

  • Declaration of Remains

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • Living Will 

  • HIPPA Release

  • Property Deed

Legitimate, drafted (AND lawyer-reviewed) templates​​



Easy-to-follow (and implement), step-by-step video instructions on how to fill in and complete each document in Your Estate Plan

We walk you through exactly how to adapt each template to you and your unique life. Easy-to-understand (and implement), step-by-step instructions on all of the legal steps you need to confidently create Your Estate Plan to avoid probate through a revocable living trust.

Bonus Materials

  • 3 Bonus Templates: Consider these three legal estate planning documents as your best friend as they help your family make sure your wishes are fully fulfilled. Because having these documents in place gives your family the ease and accessibility to follow your wishes without any guesswork. (valued at $500+)

                 Assignment of Digital Assets

                 Memorandum of Personal Property

                 Burial/Cremation Instructions

  • Worksheets for things like the differences between a Will and a Trust, when a Power of Attorney document works, what does the probate process actually look like, and more

  • E-Books: 2 E-Books for reference

  • Checklist: Easy-to-follow checklists​ so you don't forget anything


Hi, I'm Lindsay

A picture of Lindsay, the owner of High Sierra Legal
A picture of Lindsay, the owner of High Sierra Legal

And I'm the owner of High Sierra Legal.


We provide a low-cost alternative to hiring a costly lawyer for basic legal needs, such as creating Your Estate Plan. 

I'm a legal entrepreneur who went to

law school so you don't have to.

I love providing education about the

legal process and system so you can feel

confident in either doing your own legal documents or have the basic knowledge to comfortably speak with an attorney. 

I created Your Estate Plan to help everyday people learn how to avoid the probate process (yuck!) for their families and heirs. 

It's not the prettiest or most fun topic to discuss, but it is important. 

Whether you own a house, or multiple houses, have children or don’t, are married or in a partnership, you have assets that need to be efficiently transferred at your death without having to go through the probate process to do so.


Your Estate Plan can meet your legal needs and accomplish your wishes for your loved ones. Because let’s be honest, we are all going to die at some point (hopefully much, much later). So why not get it all buttoned up now

Ready to Get Started?

Purchase Your Estate Plan

Originally $1,495
Now $995

It may seem overwhelming, but I promise it won't be as hard as you think to get everything in order.
I'm here to help you and your family avoid the probate process through Your Estate Plan.

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