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(Joint Petition for Divorce,

both spouses agree to the divorce)

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​- Joint Petition with Kids 

- Joint Petition without Kids


*Court filing fees are additional and are around $300


If you and your spouse agree, that is called a Joint Petition for Divorce. You both will sign the same document and submit it to the Court together. This will include your agreement on the marital assets, marital debt, alimony, and terms about the children (custody, vacation time, holidays and child support). You both must agree to all the terms of the divorce.


The process starts by filling out a questionnaire so we can get started on the documents.

Payment is due in full at that time.


The documents will then be sent to you via email for your review. If the documents are correct and to your specifications, you and your spouse will sign them and email them back to me for filing with the Court per your direction.


The Court has up to 60 days to make an order to approve your divorce, although they are usually much faster than that.


Let us know if you’d like to get started by selecting a button above and filling out the questionnaire.


Joint Petiton with Kids: 

Both parties are willing to sign.

There are children born from this marriage and those children have resided in the state of Nevada for the last 6 out of 12 months.

You both also agree on how child custody, visitation and holiday times will be handled. 

Child support is statutorily set by the state and is also included in the joint filing. 

You both also have agreed upon the division of debts and assets prior to the filing.

Joint Petiton without Kids: 

Both parties are willing to sign.

There are no children.

Both spouses have agreed upon the division of debts and assets prior to the filing.



Court Filing Agreement (depending on the county for electronic filing)

Civil Cover Sheet

Family Court Information Form

Joint Petition for Divorce with/without Child(ren)

Resident Witness Declaration

Request for Submission

Decree of Divorce

The Nevada Revised Statutes for divorce can be found here for your review.

*All prices do not include the Court's filing fees which are additional and set by the Court. Typically which are around $300 and paid directly to the Court upon filing.



Complete the online



Review and print

all completed



File completed and signed forms with the court.

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