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Create Your Living Trust Today!

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What is A Revocable Living Trust?

A revocable living trust is an estate plan that allows an individual (the grantor) to place assets into a trust during their lifetime, with the ability to modify or revoke it at any time. 


The grantor typically serves as the trustee initially, managing the assets as they would normally, but designates successor trustees to manage the Trust in the event of incapacity or death.


This Trust allows for the seamless transfer of assets to beneficiaries upon passing, avoiding the expenses and stress of the probate process and providing privacy, flexibility, and potential tax benefits!

Choose Your Trust

(Married, both will be included in the Trust)

Documents Included in Our Comprehensive Package:

- Instructions on How to Fund Your Trust

- Revocable Living Trust itself

- Certificate of Trust

- Pour-Over Will

- Memorandum for Distribution of Property

- Burial instructions

- Financial Power of Attorney

- Healthcare Power of Attorney

- HIPPA Authorizations

- Transfer Deed for real property

* (additional fees for additional properties)

- Declaration of Homestead

* (additional recording fee)

Document Drafting Fees (3).png

Last Will and Testament VS. Living Trust

A will may not be the best plan for you and your family as a will does not avoid probate when you die. A will must be validated by the probate court before it can be enforced.


A will can only go into effect after you die, it provides no protection if you become physically or mentally incapacitated. So the court could easily take control of your assets before you die.


There is a simple and proven alternative to a will; the revocable living trust. It avoids probate and lets you keep control of your assets while you are living if you become incapacitated, and allows your heirs to effectively manage your assets and estate after you die.


When you set up a living trust, you transfer assets from your name to the name of your trust, which you control and manage. You still keep full control of your estate. As a trustee of your trust, you can do anything you could do before -- buy and sell assets, change or even cancel your trust. That's why it's called a revocable living trust. You even file the same tax returns. Nothing changes but the names on the titles.

The process starts by filling out the questions in the link provided below which helps us get started on the documents. We will then set a meeting time via Zoom to review the documents, make changes and corrections. Payment is then due at that time as the documents will be sent to you via email to further review. Once you feel comfortable and the documents are to your full specifications, we will schedule a time to have the Estate Plan signed and notarized. It will then be printed and sent to you as a hard copy in the mail for you to then fully complete by initialing a few pages and then transferring your assets. Let me know if you’d like to get started by selecting one of the buttons above and filling out each question.

Image by Antoine Rault

Getting Started

1. Complete our

 online Trust


2. Meet with us via Zoom or locally to review your completed documents.

3. Notarize your documents via an online Notary.

4. "Fund" your Trust using the instructions included in your Trust package.

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