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Learn How An Estate Plan Avoids Probate (and why that's important!)

We are excited to announce our Live Estate Planning Webinar!

Avoid the court’s probate process through creating a revocable living trust!

Ensure Your Family Has the Right Estate Planning Documents in Place to Avoid Probate.

During This Live Masterclass, You Will Learn:

1. What probate is and Why it Should be Avoided. If you die without a plan in place your family will have to go through the probate process. Even if you have a Will! (see #2) That means filing a petition with the court, your assets being frozen, unnecessary costs and long delays (usually over a year).

2. What is a Will and why it Doesn’t Avoid Probate. Most people think that if you have a Will you’re set, and your family won’t have to go through probate. I’m here to let you know that isn’t the case. A Will is just the road map the Court follows through the probate process. It doesn’t avoid it!

3. What is a Revocable Living Trust and How it Does Avoid Probate. This masterclass will school you on how to avoid the stress and legal issues of the probate process through the creation of a Revocable Living Trust.

4. What documents Should Be Included in an Estate Plan. I’ll show you what documents you need to include in your estate plan to help avoid issues while you are incapacitated and after you pass. Did you know there is a special document to allow someone to order your burial or cremation? You do now! What about minor kiddos, what happens to them? What if you’re incapacitated, who has access to your assets? Who can make medical decisions for you if you are in an accident? I’ll show you how to protect your assets and spare your family from confusion and spending tons of money on lawyers.

5. At the end of this no-nonsense and fun (if avoiding probate can be fun) masterclass, you will no longer be in the dark. You will know exactly what to do (and what to avoid) to protect yourself and your family from having to go through the dreaded probate process! STEP INTO THE LEGAL LIGHT, MY FRIENDS!


WARNING: Space is limited, and these masterclasses always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for. . . even though they are free. (Yes, it’s almost too good to be true. Almost.)

Want to avoid spending thousands on a lawyer, this free, live masterclass is for you.

Click below to reserve your spot now!

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