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This is a downloadable, printable document to assist you with Funding and Transferring of Assets into your Revocable Living Trust. 


An excerpt: 

"Before your Trust can be considered complete, you must "fund" the Trust by transferring your assets into the Trust. What does that mean? It simply means that your assets should be owned by the Trust, or that your Trust should be listed as the designated beneficiary. Here are some examples: 


  • Any Real Property should be deeded to the Trust as the owner of the property.
  • Any Bank Accounts should be listed with the Trust as the designated beneficiary instead of an individual, or the accounts closed and a new trust account opened with all your assets in that one account.
  • Any Vehicles/Boats/Trailers, etc. should be titled and registered in the name of the Trust.
  • Any 401k Accounts or Investments should list the Trust as the designated beneficiary.
  • Any Insurance Benefits should list the Trust as the designated beneficiary. "

Funding the Trust Workbook

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